Even though the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, Watch2Wear is open for business and will continue to service the watch and timepiece community during these uncertain times.
Consign Your Watch! How Does it Work?
Complete Our Consignment Form Please be as descriptive as possible regarding the watch's condition. Next, upload the photos of your watch.
Receive a Suggestive Selling Price Our suggestive selling price may vary depending on the final physical inspection of the watch.
Ship Us Your Watch We will email you a pre-insured and pre-paid USPS shipping label. Securely package your watch and then drop it off at your local USPS facility. We will email you the tracking information.
Verify & Authenticate Your Watch Our team of watchmakers have over 50 years of experience servicing high-end watches and fine timepieces. We will examine the watch's condition and verify the watch's authenticity, as well as the mechanical condition of the watch.
Receive a Selling Price We will email you our proposed listing and selling price for your watch.

Please note; due to various market conditions, the selling price of the watch may need to be discounted accordingly after your watch is listed for sale.
List & Photograph Your Watch After you have agreed to our proposed listing and selling price, we will list your watch on Watch2Wear and take up to 15 high-quality photographs of your watch.

Our exclusive consignment process includes; managing the selling process, advertising and marketing your watch on social media and watch forums websites and completely handling the transaction and shipping process.

Once the watch is sold, and the transaction is completely verified, we will send you the payment of the watch, less our 25% consignment fee. For example, if the final sales price is $5,000, we will reimburse you the total dollar amount of $3,750. The your payment will be sent to your verified PayPal account.
Why use Watch2Wear to consign your watch? IT'S EASY TO DO & HASSLE FREE!
We offer free shipping and completely manage and handle the entire sales process!

We examine your watch's condition and verify its authenticity, so you can offer the buyer a risk-free purchase.

Because of our unique, targeted marketing strategy, consigning your watch on Watch2Wear is an excellent way for you to advertise your watch to a specific demographic...the Watch Enthusiast!
Have Additional Questions?
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