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Billing Information At Watch2Wear, we realize that selling a watch can be a tedious and expensive process. Unlike most watch marketplaces, Watch2Wear is COMMISSION FREE for private sellers to list and sell their watch. Your watch will always be in your possession, so you will have the flexibility to control pricing. You are not required to sell your watch once it is listed for sale and can simply withdraw or cancel a sale at any time; without incurring any fees or penalties.

For the watch dealer, Watch2Wear only charges a 2% selling fee and there is no cost to list or relist your watch. Like the private seller, you can withdraw or cancel a sale at any time; without incurring any fees or penalties. We only charge a selling fee if and when the watch is sold!

No monthly membership fees!

Maximum Exposure
Take advantage of our “Bump” listing option. When you “Bump” a listing, it will be randomly placed to the top of any search results listing page. The “Bump” listing option is based on the user's search parameters.

Another placement option is our “Featured” Home Page listing. The “Featured” Home Page listing option will randomly place your watch listing on Watch2Wear’s Home Page.

Listing & Selling Fees
Seller Profile Cost/Fee
Watch Dealer 2% or a maximum of $250 of the final sales transaction amount for each watch sold on W2W and its services
Private Seller/Individual FREE

Optional Listing Features
Bump Listing Option $10.00 per month
Featured Home Page Listing Option $25.00 per month

Verification Rates*
Transaction % Verification Cost
2.5% Minimum of $99.00 and maximum charge of $250.
*Verification service is only available for Continental U.S to Continental U.S sales transactions.

Watch2Wear is an online watch (and timepiece) buy now and secondary auction marketplace. Watch dealers, watch collectors and private individuals can list, sell and purchase watches and luxury timepieces. Private sellers can sell their watches for FREE without any listing and selling fees. Just like a watch forum, but better!

Unlike the other watch marketplaces, (watch forums, live/secondary auctions, consignment websites), Watch2Wear offers an exclusive verification service to ensure the watch’s authenticity and overall condition. Our watchmakers will thoroughly inspect and verify the watch's components, mechanical and physical condition.

As a buyer, you have the option to purchase your fine timepiece or luxury watch with verification. Or, as a seller, you can now sell your watch with verification. An industry first! A game changer! With either option, our team of watchmakers, with over 50 years of experience servicing luxury watches and fine timepieces, will ensure a risk-free purchase and a hassle free sale.