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Our Verification Service Who We Are?
Watch2Wear’s watchmakers have over 50 years of experience servicing high-end watches and fine timepieces. Our team of professional watchmakers can service all major brands, such as; Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Tag Heuer, Hamilton, Breitling, IWC, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Breguet, Bremont, Ulysse Nardin, Zenith and others. We can even service vintage watches. Our watchmakers are so good that they can even straighten out a hair spring! We also employ Certified Rolex technicians!

How Does it Work?
Watch2Wear’s verification process is truly unique and a game changer in the timepiece and watch industry. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our verification process will ensure a risk-free purchase and a hassle free sale.

If you choose to purchase your watch with verification, our team of watchmakers will ensure and guarantee both the watch’s authenticity and the physical and mechanical condition of the watch; as listed in the sellers at listing description.

Conversely, if you decide to sell your watch with verification, we will ensure a smooth, hassle free and positive sales transaction.

Buy With Verification
When you purchase a watch with verification, we will contact the seller on your behalf and have the watch shipped to us.

On your behalf, the seller ships us the watch.

Verify and ensure the watch’s authenticity.

Notify you of our outcome and results.

Guaranteed, Risk-Free Purchase.

After payment has been completed and once we have received the watch, we will evaluate and review the watch’s authenticity and condition. If the watch passes our extensive and comprehensive verification process, we will send you the watch and pay the seller.

However, if the watch does not completely match the seller's listing description, we will notify you regarding the discrepancies and you will have up to 48 hours to either approve or cancel the sale. In this case, if you decide to cancel the sale, we will reimburse you a 100% of the purchase amount; less our verification fee. In some cases, if the watch completely fails our verification process, we will reimburse you a 100% of the purchase amount; less our verification fee.

In either case, when you purchase your watch with verification, we will ensure the watch’s authenticity, while providing you with a risk-free purchase.

Sell With Verification
As a seller, you can also utilize our verification process; by selling your watch with verification. Essentially, this is a very similar process as consigning a watch with a third party seller or watch dealer.

Email you a prepaid and pre-insured shipping label.

Verify and ensure the watch’s authenticity.

Notify you of our outcome and results.

Easy and Hassle Free
Sales Transaction!

However, unlike the most consignment process, you will have the watch in your possession at all times. You will also have the ability to control the pricing, determine the appropriate sales format and have complete control of the sale process.

When you list your watch, you will have the option to sell your watch with verification. Once your watch is purchased, and on your behalf, we will invoice the buyer. After we have received the buyer's payment, we will email you a prepaid and pre-insured shipping label. You will then have up to 72 hours to ship us the watch.

After we have received the watch, we will perform our very thorough and comprehensive verification process. Just like when a buyer purchases a watch with verification, if the watch passes our verification process, you will receive the watch’s sale price, less the verification fee. However, if the watch either completely fails our verification process or if there are any discrepancies and the buyer decides to cancel the sale, we will ship you back the watch without incurring any penalty and shipping fees. However, you are still responsible for the verification fee.

Selling your watch with verification has several inherent benefits and advantages. First, we completely handle the transaction process. Next, it provides your watch listing with credibility, maximum exposure and ensures the buyer with a risk-free purchase. Lastly, we manage the shipping and handling process; which will save you both time and money. It is a hassle free sales process!

How is Your Watch Verified?
Whether you purchase or sell your watch with verification, our team of watchmakers will ensure and guarantee both the watch’s authenticity and overall physical and mechanical condition as listed in the seller’s ad listing description.

Once we receive your watch, we will initially listen to the watch's movement and examine it for any obvious and more importantly, any concealed and inconspicuous flaws.

Remember, high-end watches are crafted and built with the highest standards and the best quality material. The case should show normal aging. This holds true for the watch's bracelet.

The dial should show normal aging (and patina) and the indices should display a normal aging process. The hands (and subdial hands on a chronograph) will be closely examined for replacements. This is especially true for vintage watches.

The watch's crown should be correctly fitted and if the crown is "signed" the stamp should be centered. Our watchmakers will also examine the watch's engraving, including the letters, the serial number (comparing the serial number on the watch to the bracelet) and ensure the correct stampings and the placement of the stampings are correct according to the different brands and models.

The bracelet and clasp will also be verified to the same standards as most high-end watches will have a stamp on both the bracelet and clasp. The watch links movement will also be examined as most original bracelet links will move freely without any friction and resistance.

Another important element is the weight of the watch. High-end watches are crafted with the finest material and there are several integrate parts in the watch’s movement. The watch will sometimes feel heavier than it appears and we will compare the weight of the watch to a genuine watch of the same brand and model.

Our watchmakers know watches and what type of crystal should be used according to the brand and model year. Unless, previously disclosed by the seller, our watchmakers will ensure the proper crystal is used; not a replacement. We will also examine the crystal’s condition.

For example, certain Omega Speedmasters use a hesalite crystal and the Omega logo is engraved into the crystal. This can be extremely difficult to see by a photograph and as such, can be easily misrepresented by a seller. Our trained watchmakers can easily determine the crystal’s authenticity for this possible flaw. We can even determine if the crystal is a genuine sapphire crystal or a mineral crystal.

Finally, we will open the case back of the watch and examine the watch’s movement, its parts, gaskets and case seals.

After the verification process is completed (and once you approve the purchase of the watch), we will ship your watch fully insured for the purchase price and include a certificate of verification and authenticity.

Verification Rates*
Transaction % Verification Cost
2.5% Minimum of $99.00 and maximum charge of $250.
*Verification service is only available for Continental U.S to Continental U.S sales transactions.
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Watch2Wear is an online watch (and timepiece) buy now and secondary auction marketplace. Watch dealers, watch collectors and private individuals can list, sell and purchase watches and luxury timepieces. Private sellers can sell their watches for FREE without any listing and selling fees. Just like a watch forum, but better!

Unlike the other watch marketplaces, (watch forums, live/secondary auctions, consignment websites), Watch2Wear offers an exclusive verification service to ensure the watch’s authenticity and overall condition. Our watchmakers will thoroughly inspect and verify the watch's components, mechanical and physical condition.

As a buyer, you have the option to purchase your fine timepiece or luxury watch with verification. Or, as a seller, you can now sell your watch with verification. An industry first! A game changer! With either option, our team of watchmakers, with over 50 years of experience servicing luxury watches and fine timepieces, will ensure a risk-free purchase and a hassle free sale.